About me

Jan Kees Velthoven

I like to spark new energy in teams working on digital product development. I’m an all-round digital expert with 20 years of work experience in various areas. I look for my challenges at the cutting edge of architecture, business/information analysis and agile coaching. Supporting and facilitation of the entire product development process from strategy, vision, business model, value proposition, product exploration, experimentation, roadmap, requirement engineering up to an including business acceptance is my strongest area of expertise.

What do I have to offer?

Since 2014 I’ve trained and coached more than 50 companies on several topics.

Agile empowers you to deliver customer-focused results faster and adapt to change, fostering a collaborative, motivated team environment.

I helped large companies with interactive product courses to design desired value propositions and test business ideas.

I love sharing knowledge with you at your office or online.

What makes my courses so popular? You get practical tools and I always spend time on the specific situation of the organization or participants. I have 20 years experience in the field.

I ensure that you and your team have the right knowledge on agileproduct and architecture topics using a combination of classroomone-on-one coaching and community.

Learn more about my courses to innovate and be ahead of competition.


Not sure about what you need?

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