Personalized agile

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  • Online using Huddle Community, Google Meet and Miro
  • Language English

Program of the personalized agile course

You have access to 4 hours of teaching material in 50 videos of an average of 5 minutes for one year. So you can review a certain video at any time.

During this year you will have 3 one-hour coaching sessions with me online in a one-on-one conversation. These coaching sessions give a boost to your personal growth and provide reflection and awareness.

You will also be a member of the community of the product facilitator academy to share knowledge and help peer students.

This online video training on agile gives the most attention to the individual.

  • Understand Agile’s historical evolution and Manifesto’s values
  • Embrace Agile as a mindset before process
  • Develop essential soft skills for teamwork
  • Effectively address communication barriers
  • Optimize work environments for collaboration
  • Grasp incremental development’s value and quality
  • Break work into value-centered items
  • Implement Work-in-Progress (WIP) management
  • Explore user involvement’s impact on success
  • Continuously gather user feedback for enhancement
  • Master collaborative estimation techniques
  • Adapt processes and methodologies strategically
  • Apply Agile planning and tracking effectively
  • Promote end-user participation for product value
  • Internalize Agile mindset through experiential learning
  • Contextualize Agile journey from novice to expert
  • Comprehend Agile’s applicability beyond software
  • Implement early, frequent continuous integration
  • Evaluate cost and benefits of frequent delivery
  • Define roles and gather feedback for enhancement

About Your trainer and personal coach

Jan Kees Velthoven

I like to spark new energy in teams working on digital product development. I’m an all-round digital expert with 20 years of work experience in various areas. I look for my challenges at the cutting edge of architecture, business/information analysis and agile coaching. Supporting and facilitation of the entire product development process from strategy, vision, business model, value proposition, product exploration, experimentation, roadmap, requirement engineering up to an including business acceptance is my strongest area of expertise.

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