This is my vision and mission

Empowering digital organizations by facilitating shared understanding on people, processes and products

Challenges in modern digital organizations

  • As digital products evolve and organizations focus on solving real customer problems they end up with a complex web of interconnected systems, data sources, and third-party services. Maintaining, upgrading and replacing while minimizing disruptions on the business becomes a significant challenge.
  • Striking the right balance between introducing new features and maintaining stability is a challenge. While innovation is necessary to stay competitive, constant changes can lead to customer frustration.
  • Rapid development cycles used in agile methods may sometimes conflict with long-term strategic planning. Ensuring that agile teams have a clear understanding of business priorities and that they can pivot when necessary without losing sight of the bigger picture is a challenge.
  • Bridging the gap between agile teams and business stakeholders remains an ongoing challenge even after the foundation of the Agile Manifesto back in 2001 and the attention received with the Scrum framework.
  • The landscape of digital technologies evolves rapidly, creating a demand for new skill sets. Organizations struggle to find and retain talent with expertise in proven and emerging technologies. The need for broadening skillset and cross-functional learning is important for organizational survival these days.

People, Process and Product in harmony as a vision

Whether it concerns the agile process of a team, determining architectural guidelines, or developing talent in the organization, none of these topics live in isolation.

Organizations design systems that mirror their own communication structure.

Conway's law

People, Process and Product are a complex system in an organization, the harmony between these aspects is crucial and need to solve real customer pains and business goals as their strongest driver.

With this in mind I strongly believe that designing and building a digital product is a social activity that depends on the degree of shared understanding. I’m convinced that IT and Business should create this shared understanding in a holistic approach. Business processes are as subject to change as digital products and channels, rather than digital products being an order from the business.


My mission is empowering digital organizations by facilitating shared understanding on people, processes, and products. I want to create an environment at your organization where;

  • Every individual has a connection to solving customer problems and is motivated to expand their skills
  • Balancing product innovation with product stability
  • Create long term strategy with respect to short term reality
  • Bridging the gap between different stakeholders to a more holistic shared understanding


Awareness on these values on all levels and themes (People, Process and Product).


Connect your purpose to every day practice


Empathize from your customer situation


As much visual management as possible


Learn through regular experiments


Aligned in the same moment


All your attention and concentration

Nice reactions from nice customers

An inspiring and experienced Agile Coach who trained the project and process managers within Reviva with success. If you need an Agile Coach I can recommend Jan Kees!
Bas Lierens
Director Digital & IT
Jan Kees helped Greenberry with the adaptation of agile, above and beyond the scope of digital. With a holistic view on collaboration, results, and positivity. Defining OKR’s has definitely been a keeper for us!
Sander Hidding
Digital Strategy
Super knowledgeable on virtually any subject around lean, agile and building a team of innovation. On top, he is tech savvy and conveniently combines this with nudging the team culture in the right way.
Laurens Gunneweg
Product Manager
A good and calm communicator who easily builds bridges between the business and IT, but also between his internal and external stakeholders
Bob Nijman
Information Analyst

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