Training about agile, product and architecture

Since 2014 I’ve trained and coached more than 50 companies on several topics.

What makes my courses so popular? You get practical tools and I always spend time on the specific situation of the organization or participants. I have 20 years experience in the field.

I ensure that you and your team have the right knowledge on agile, product and architecture topics using a combination of classroom, one-on-one coaching and community.

Courses by theme

Agile courses

I helped over 50 companies since 2014 with interactive agile courses and agile coaching. I love sharing knowledge with you at your office or online. Learn more about my agile courses.

Product development courses

I helped large companies with interactive product courses to design desired value propositions and test business ideas.

Architecture Courses

I have 20 years experience in the software development and architecture field combined with agile coaching. With this knowledge I am able to think along and facilitate in technical subjects.

I improved their collaboration

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