Interactive webinar business modeling

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  • Online using Google Meet and Miro
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Program of the interactive webinar business modeling

This program of one day visualizes the business model using the Strategyzer framework.

  1. Introduction and warm-up drawing exercises
    • Welcome and workshop overview
    • Importance of visual thinking in business
    • Icebreaker: Simple drawing exercises to stimulate creativity
    • Check-in on expectations for the course
  2. Understanding business fundamentals
    • The core components of a business
    • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas from Strategyzer
  3. Business Model Canvas in Depth
    • Customer Segments: Identifying your target audience
    • Value propositions: Crafting compelling customer value
    • Channels and customer relationships: Reaching and engaging customers
    • Revenue streams: Monetizing your value proposition
    • Key resources and activities: Essential ingredients for success
    • Key partnerships: Leveraging external resources
    • Cost structure: Managing costs efficiently
    • Workshop: Create your business model canvas
  4. Business model assessment and environment scan
    • Evaluating your business model: Strengths and weaknesses
    • Analyzing the external environment: Opportunities and threats
    • Workshop: Assessing your business model and environment
  5. Business model innovation and adaptation
    • The role of innovation in business success
    • Innovating your business model
    • Adapting to change: Flexibility in business strategy
    • Workshop: Innovate your business model
  6. Reflection on the course and closing

Who is the trainer?

Jan Kees Velthoven

I like to spark new energy in teams working on digital product development. I’m an all-round digital expert with 20 years of work experience in various areas. I look for my challenges at the cutting edge of architecture, business/information analysis and agile coaching. Supporting and facilitation of the entire product development process from strategy, vision, business model, value proposition, product exploration, experimentation, roadmap, requirement engineering up to an including business acceptance is my strongest area of expertise.

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