Workshop facilitation

Do you need an interactive workshop?
I will be your facilitator.

You be a participant yourself and I provide an interactive workshop in which everyone fully engages.

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I helped over 50 companies since 2014 with high interactive workshops.

Let me design and facilitate your session

Your Workshop in 6 steps

  1. Request a quote
    Once you request your quote I get back to you within 48 hours.
  2. Introduction and exploration
    Exploration of your goal including setting, location, participants and desired workshop outcomes in an half hour free online session. After this session you get a quote.
  3. Workshop design
    I make a design of the workshop where I need your help with the organization jargon. We make strong invitations (powerful questions that make participants interact) for the workshop together. This can be done via phone, e-mail or Whatsapp. Its up to you where you want to communicate with me.
  4. Workshop review
    We review the workshop together some days before the date of the session. This will be done online.
  5. Workshop execution
    We have a great workshop together with your team. By the way I take care of all the materials like powerpoint slides, post-its, sharpie pensils, etc.
    If you want I can also take pictures and make video’s of your workshop. Once everyone is getting a drink I stay in the room to clean and take pictures of the outcome so you can have a chat with your team.
  6. Debrief and material
    The day after the workshop I will create a structured document that contains all the pictures of the outcomes created during the workshop.

you can also contact me for trajectories

I have 20 years experience in the software development and architecture field combined with agile coaching.

With this knowledge I am able to think along and facilitate in technical subjects.

  • Vendor selection in solution architecture
  • Initial setup of a collaboration between parties
  • Hackathon facilitation
  • Quarterly alignment sessions like QBR, strategy or product exploration
  • Google Design Sprint or other design thinking methods

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Lets make your session an interactive experience

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