Incompany Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

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Program of incompany Behavior Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development offers benefits of improved communication, collaboration, alignment with business goals, early validation, and reduced rework at both the organizational and product development levels. It empowers teams to build software that meets user expectations while promoting efficiency and quality throughout the development lifecycle.

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome participants and workshop’s objectives.
    • The importance of effective requirements and communication in software development.
  2. Classic Requirement Process
    • Demonstration of the classic requirement process
    • A typical process of gathering and documenting requirements using traditional methods.
    • Discuss challenges and potential pitfalls in this approach.
  3. Introduction to BDD
    • BDD purpose and history
    • The origins and benefits of BDD
    • Showcase how BDD addresses the limitations of traditional requirement processes.
  4. Workshop: Exploring requirements with specification by example
    • Exploring requirements where participants work in small groups
    • Real-world scenario writing finding key examples
    • Each group presents their examples, fostering discussions about clarity and accuracy
  5. Brainstorming BDD benefits and pitfalls
    • Causal loop diagrams as a tool for exploring system dynamics.
    • Group brainstorm on the potential benefits of BDD using causal loop diagrams.
    • Discuss how BDD impacts collaboration, quality, and development speed.
  6. Writing Gherkin specifications
    • Participants use laptops to write Gherkin scenarios for a given feature. Its also possible to bring own cases.
    • Examples of well-structured Given-When-Then scenarios
    • Common mistakes and challenges in writing effective Gherkin specifications.
  7. Discussion and wrap-up
    • Q&A
    • Discussion about your experiences during the workshop.
    • Summary of the key takeaways from the workshop
    • How to apply BDD principles in your projects
  8. Additional resources for further learning and exploration

Who is the trainer?

Jan Kees Velthoven

I like to spark new energy in teams working on digital product development. I’m an all-round digital expert with 20 years of work experience in various areas. I look for my challenges at the cutting edge of architecture, business/information analysis and agile coaching. Supporting and facilitation of the entire product development process from strategy, vision, business model, value proposition, product exploration, experimentation, roadmap, requirement engineering up to an including business acceptance is my strongest area of expertise.

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