Agile coaching and Architecture

Whether it concerns the agile process of a team, determining architectural guidelines, or developing talent in the organization, none of these topics live in isolation. People, Process and Product are a complex system in an organization, the harmony between these aspects is crucial and need to solve real customer pains and business goals as their strongest driver.

Let me help you

I helped multiple companies since 2014 with agile coaching and architecture support.

I practice coaching on all levels

I believe that agile coaching and architecture covers a broad spectrum that covers multiple aspects of the organization where People, Process and Product are central themes.

Organizational levels

  • Individual level: As an agile coach, I am convinced that there should be room for the individual in the form of support as a listening ear. In doing so, I rely on the coachee’s ability to solve problems. In addition, I help the individual with personal development on hard and soft skills. Because I see myself as a generalist there is also room for brainstorm on architecture topics. With this frame of reference I am able to recognize patterns at team and organizational level. I am discreet if it comes to one-on-one conversations.
  • Team level: I work closely with the various roles in the agile team to effectively apply the agile and architectural principles and values. The team is stimulated through my training and workshops to find new ways working together more effectively on real customer problems. During the process I help to share observations on the collaboration and I stimulate a safe environment to achieve results.
  • Team relation level: Release trains, value streams, team or teams, whatever you call it. Coaching at this level is about learning from each other to proactively align with each other in the same moment to solve real customer problems together. At this level I bring structure by mapping the value streams of the organization with visualization and stimulating the next improvement in the teams and management. This also includes the architectural conversation around the architectural principles and guidelines. In addition, I help connect individuals to stimulate cross-fertilization of skills outside the teams.
  • Leadership and organization level: At this level I focus on developing agile leadership capabilities within the organization. I work with executives, managers, business, architects and other leaders to increase their understanding of and commitment to agile principles. I can help foster a culture of trust, make feedback based decisions and facilitate organizational change on the themes (People, Process and Product).

My coaching approach

I love to work together with people in your organization on agile and architecture objectives. No matter how much I connect with you, the goal is to eventually leave the organization after coaching and hopefully with a positive result and a good feeling. This feeling is about confidence that the environment has become aware of the agile and architecture principles and is able to act on them.

Different phases

In 1954 Maslow distinguished four phases in the acquisition of new knowledge, skills or competences. My approach on coaching is in similar phases.
  1. Unconsciously incompetent: The first phase is to observe the team and individuals. The introduction and individual coaching also starts in this phase.
  2. Consciously incompetent: In the second phase, I am engaged in demonstrating and teaching agile methods within the teams and/or specific positions in the organization.
  3. Consciously competent: The third phase represents participating and repeating. In this way, an aspirant can also be deployed who will take over my activities. Think of a Scrum Master or starting architect.
  4. Unconsciously competent: Just like the first phase, the fourth and final phase concludes with observation where the last points of attention are discussed and converted into improvements. From here the team and/or organization takes over the never ending journey of continuously improving.

Nice reactions from nice customers

Jan Kees helped Greenberry with the adaptation of agile, above and beyond the scope of digital. With a holistic view on collaboration, results, and positivity. Defining OKR’s has definitely been a keeper for us!
Sander Hidding
Digital Strategy
An inspiring and experienced Agile Coach who trained the project and process managers within Reviva with success. If you need an Agile Coach I can recommend Jan Kees!
Bas Lierens
Director Digital & IT
A good and calm communicator who easily builds bridges between the business and IT, but also between his internal and external stakeholders
Bob Nijman
Information Analyst
Super knowledgeable on virtually any subject around lean, agile and building a team of innovation. On top, he is tech savvy and conveniently combines this with nudging the team culture in the right way.
Laurens Gunneweg
Product Manager

Results I'm proud of

Product management and information architecture of the Advertising API. Development of the new channel towards a standard that fits the needs of API consumers using the product-led growth principles.

Agile transformation of the Philips Digital Marketing Personal Health BNL team. Developing and implementing the transformation process including training, knowledge sessions, scrum mastery and personal coaching.

Agile coaching and responsible for the agile way of working within the HEMA valuestream supply chain. Facilitating and organizing scrum and kanban events. Renewing the requirements process through training and coaching.

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